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 =========Windows============= =========Windows=============
-{{:​windows_10_.png?​199 |}}Windows operating system, developed ​by Microsoft which is being used in most of PC-computers. ​There is a lot of security threaths because ​Windows is very popular operating system. Therefore is **very** ​important that users **update** ​their OS.+{{:​windows_10_.png?​199 |}}The Windows ​[[operating_system|operating system]] is an operating system created ​by Microsoft which is used in the majority ​of personal ​computers ​(PCs)As Windows is a highly ​popular operating system, it also faces a lot of [[information_security|information security]] threats. Therefore, it is especially ​important that Windows ​users keep their operating system up to date.
-Web browser called [[ie|Internet Explorer]] comes with most of Windows ​versions but in **Windows 10** it has been replaced with [[edge|Edge]]+More information about the different versions ​of Windows ​can be read on, for instance, Wikipedia: https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Microsoft_Windows ​
-More information about Windows: [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Windows]] 
-==Windows 8== 
-There have been few occasions of Windows 8 computers internet connection breaks. ​ 
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