Registration Form

Devices that are meant to be connected directly to the Kortex network are registered before they are allowed the opportunity to operate on the internet.

You can find the registration form here:

The following information should be filled into the form:

  • Contact information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
    • Home address:
      • Choose the area first: Student Village (default) or Vehkakuja 2
      • Building/House (write the letter of the building here, e.g. C, F, M or H)
      • Apartment (write the number of the apartment here and exclude the possible door letter)
      • Room (leave this section empty if you do not live in a shared apartment/bedsit; if you live in a shared apartment, write the number of your room here)
  • Information about the device to be registered:
    • Device address (link) of the network card (this will normally be automatically filled in, containing 12 characters in groups of two)
    • Name for the computer (optional)
    • Reason for the announcement: (choose only one option)
      • I sign up my only device in the network for the first time.
      • I have moved to another apartment.
      • I have acquired a new network card or a device that replaces the one registered earlier.
      • My device has been off the Kortex network for more than three months.
      • I participate in summer school
      • The network connection of my device no longer works.
  • Space for additional information:
    • In the space for additional information, you can write additional information, feedback, a request for contact with a phone number (Finnish mobile phone plan) etc.
  • The form must be verified before the registration begins!
    • When you have filled in the form and pressed the ”Continue” button, you will receive the form information for verification. You must verify the form information before it proceeds to processing.
    • Read carefully the instruction text that appears on the screen after sending the form.
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