Every device that will be connected directly to the Kortex network must be registered. The registration saves the information about the saved device (device address), the user of the device and the apartment in which the device is used to the server of the Kortex network.

Normally, the device is directed automatically to the registration form of the Kortex network server if the registration of the device is not valid. In other words, when you open your web browser and try to connect to an internet site, the Kortex network server sends your browser the address of the registration form. In some cases, the browser itself should be connected directly to the Kortex server. The server can be found at or at or at

Before the registration, the device that is about to be connected to the Kortex network receives temporary network settings through the network, with the aid of which the device can be connected to the internet. Each registration is accepted by the so-called network’s eldest, meaning that the registration will not go through immediately.

You can register one device for a studio and two devices for other apartments. When you register the router (instead of only one computer), you can use several devices by connecting them to the router.

The device must be registered when

  1. the device is connected to the Kortex network for the first time
  2. the registered device changes
    • As the device address is unique to each device, you must register the new device when changing devices.
  3. the resident moves from one apartment to another
    • As each device is attached to a certain apartment, the device must be re-registered if the apartment changes. The device might work for a while in the new apartment as well, depending on the location of the apartment, but it will stop working when the new resident of the old apartment registeres their own device. That is why the registration should be done as soon as possible when moving in.
  4. the device has been unused for an extended period of time
    • The registration for the Kortex network expires automatically if the device has not connected to the network within a certain time (three months).
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