Problem solving

  • You can't always read this site when you have problems with Internet connection.
  • Keep the Funet startup guide. There you find at least contacts.
  • You could connect to the internet with something else e.g. phone, tablet.
  • In the D-building's group work room or in the Kortepohja's Library there are computers which with you can find information about your problem.
  • Neighbour or friend who lives in Student Village can help you in many ways solving the problem:
  • Ask him/her if he/she has problems like yours.
  • Try your computer in his apartment's network or ask to try his/her computer in your apartment.
  • Your problem could result from a temporary disruption elsewhere.
  • Kortex-data goes through Student Villages network. Kortex is part of Student Villages network for students and Student Villages IT services maintains and configures Kortex-network's access points. Check:
  • If you lost the Internet connection or it has weakened wait for few minutes and try again.
  • Tell us about your problem with Ask IT form.

More Information

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