Optical fibre connector

In the newest (F, H & J) and the recently renovated buildings (R & S) of the Student Village, optical fibre connectors are put in place for the future. These optical fibres are currently not in use because optical fibre switches are fairly expensive and because the connection from the Student Village to the university, and thus to FUNET, is not fast enough to warrant any use from these features. Therefore, the optical fibre connection cannot yet be used. However, it is ready to be put to use as soon as the time is right, and that is why they have been built at the same time as the buildings when building them was inexpensive and easy.

To the tenant, the optical fibre connectors are relevant in the sense that in the new H and J buildings, there is a white tin box to which the fibre has been installed. The same box also has a copper connection, through which the network communications work at the moment. In fact, there is a slot for the RJ-45 connector on the bottom of the tin box, and from the slot

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