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 ======Linux====== ======Linux======
- ​{{:​linux_tux_.jpg?​100 |Tux-penguin}}Linux is **free** oprerating ​systemwhich works in several different ​platforms. Because it'​s ​free, it has many providers ​who make their own versions ​which all are little bit diffrent. Linux is used usually ​in servers but there are some desktop versions of it. Because Linux has not got very big popularity ​**it is very secure ​option**Attacks ​are semi rare. Because of free source codeanybody ​can fix problems in Linux so very serious threaths will be fixed farely fast.+ ​{{:​linux_tux_.jpg?​100 |Tux-penguin}}Linux is free [[operating_system|operating ​system]] which works on several different ​computers. Because it is free, there are also several separate ​providers ​for it, each of which offer slightly differing solutions. Linux is mainly ​used in different ​serversbut there are also desktop versions of it. Because Linux has not attained great user popularityit is a rather safe option ​concerning information security as it faces attacks fairly rarelyIn addition, its faults ​are fixed relatively quicklyas anyone ​can fix the faults thanks to the open source code. 
 +More information on Linux and its different versions can be read on Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Linux ​
-More about Linux and its different versions: [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Linux]] 
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