General principles for problem solving

  • You cannot always read this site if you have problems with your internet connection.
    • Keep the FUNET Startup Guide that you have received, as it includes the relevant contact information at the very least.
    • You might get online with some other terminal equipment (mobile phone etc.)
    • In the Rentukka learning space and the Kortepohja library, there are computers with which you can search for more information about your problem.
  • A neighbour or an acquaintance who lives in the Student Village could help you with solving the problem in many ways:
    • Ask them if they have similar problems.
    • Try to use your own computer in their apartment’s network ora sk them to try their computer in your apartment’s network.
  • Your problem might be caused by a temporary problem elsewhere.
    • Kortex communications run through the university network. In the university network, recurring and acute maintenance work is often underway. Also check the service bulletins of the university network:
    • If your connection has suddenly shut down or worsened, wait for a few minutes and try again.
  • Tell the IT support about your problem through the Ask IT form.

Sources for more information

  • is the start page for the Kortex network user. On there, you can find the feedback form, startup guide and a link to these instruction pages.
  • is a Kortex server that has both the registration form and basic instructions for the registration phase.
  • The Digital Services of the University of Jyväskylä participate in the upkeep of the Kortex network and inform its users of problems in network traffic.
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