Data transfer quota

A data transfer quota, or just quota, is used in the Student Village network. The limit of the quota was raised on 3 December 2013, and from then on it has been 20 gigabytes. You can check the state of your quota at

Sometimes, the quota page might state that the IP address is not in the database. Possible reasons for that include the following:

  1. The device with which you browse the internet does not use the Kortex network.
    • If your computer is attached to the junction box through cable, check the network settings.
    • If you use a router, check that the device with which you browse the internet uses the router instead of, for instance, the data link of your mobile phone network.
  2. Your internet browser has been set to use the university proxy server.
    • If this is the case, your internet browser will not raise the amount of transferred data.
    • You might have another programme that raises the amount of transferred data.
    • If you use a router, you might have another device that still raises the amount of transferred data.
    • If you use a router with wireless internet, make sure that your wireless internet is protected so that no one else can use up your data transfer quota.
    • You can check your quota by temporarily disabling the proxy server.

All data communications that are directed outside of the FUNET network are included in the quota, meaning that all data transfers inside the Student Village and the data transfers directed at the university, for example, are outside of the quota. On the other hand, practically all other communications are included in the quota. The quota can be saved by using the university proxy, as the communications that go through it are not included in the quota. In addition to the browsers, the proxy can be switched on in many software, such as Steam (which uses the default proxy of the system).

The quota acts as a 24-hour sliding window and is updated every hour on the hour. This means that the quota that has now been used is released in exactly 24 hours to be used again. If you transfer so much data that you surpass your quota, you go on the so-called penalty band. This band is shared by everyone who has surpassed their quota and is often very slow, especially during the evenings. In this case, in particular, the use of the proxy is warmly recommended, as it renders browsing the internet more agreeable. You get out of the penalty band when the extent of your data transfers drops below the limit, i.e. within 24 hours. Please note that uploading and downloading files both use up your quota.

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